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Prostheses for Acquired & Traumatic Defects

Prostheses for Acquired & Traumatic Defects

Restore patients’ normalcy, function & self-esteem.

Patients’ quality of life is a paramount concern. For patients with acquired or traumatic defect of the mouth, face, or head, this concern is even more significant. These patients typically experience dramatic psychosocial impact due to disfigurement, including loss of self-esteem and lifestyle changes. The defect also often causes a loss of physical function (chewing, swallowing, speech, etc.), which can further diminish quality of life.

Injury, surgery & disease can cause loss of function, lifestyle & psychosocial well-being.

Orofacial defects that cause loss of function and changes in appearance can be either traumatic or acquired. While trauma is, in fact, acquired, the term “acquired” in this context typically refers to noninjury defects acquired as the result of surgery or disease process. Some of the more common reasons for orofacial defects include motor-vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, falls, residential accidents, gunshot wounds, surgical removal of anatomical structures, and neuromuscular disorders resulting from ALS, stroke, and other problems.

Help patients regain what they’ve lost with skilled prosthetic care.

As a Board-Certified Prosthodontist and Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, Dr. Joseph DiFazio specializes in creating orofacial prostheses to improve the lives of patients who can’t be helped by reconstructive surgery. Prostheses help them regain lost function — such as chewing, swallowing, and speech — essential to their health and sense of normalcy. Yet, esthetics are just as important to quality of life. With experienced skill, Dr. DiFazio creates prostheses to uphold these patients’ self-esteem and prevent unwanted attention. Because each patient’s defect, needs, and desires are unique, Dr. DiFazio custom-crafts each prosthesis for each individual.

For patients who have suffered from orofacial defect or disfigurement, help them live and function as normally as possible. Let Dr. DiFazio improve their lives with prostheses designed to meet their unique needs. Call today.

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