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Prostheses for Congenital & Developmental Defects

Prostheses for Congenital & Developmental Defects

Maximize these patients’ potential, well-being & opportunities.

The list of congenital developmental problems that can affect a person’s — and usually a child’s — orofacial function and appearance is long. Cleft palate. Cleft lip. Ectodermal dysplasia. Incomplete development of ears, teeth and palate. Missing bone or other tissue. Missing or disfigured facial structure. For these children (and adults), dysfunction and disfigurement are significant threats to their health and psychosocial well-being. And protecting them from these threats requires specialized care.

Prosthetic care can help mitigate the terrible toll of congenital orofacial defects.

For craniofacial anomalies that are congenital or stem from other disorders, reconstructive surgery can restore appearance and function. But surgery is not always possible or desirable. In these instances, prosthetic treatment is often the best alternative for replacing missing bone or tissue and restoring function and normal esthetics. But changes in appearance alone can have a long-lasting impact on well-being, particularly for children. So prostheses are often indicated for cosmetic reasons even in the absence of compromised function.

The training, skill & experience to help these patients live & function normally.

As a Board-Certified Prosthodontist and Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, Dr. Joseph DiFazio provides the focused, specialized care necessary to create high-quality prostheses that correct both form and function for these patients. With advanced training and experience, he crafts devices customized for each individual that can help patients speak, chew, and swallow normally. He is also uniquely capable to provide natural-looking devices, including dentition using dental implants.

In addition, his qualifications and skills extend beyond the mouth and maxilla; he creates prostheses for virtually any head-and-neck defect, including ears, eyes, cheeks, nose, cranium, and more. Dr. DiFazio is also experienced working closely with the other healthcare professionals involved in these patients’ complex rehabilitative process.

Prosthetic care is often an essential complement to helping ensure these patients’ self-esteem, development, and present and future quality of life. Call Dr. DiFazio today.

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